Upcoming Activities

27-29 November 2018
[K4U] Workshop, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice
A central unifying theme across K4U is: ‘structure’. One of K4U’s aims now is to explore better methods of understanding how underlying structures, systems and contexts influence outcomes.

20 February 2019
Philosophy Department Lecture, California State University Northridge
Talk title to be confirmed.

21-23 February 2019
(Rearranged) 2017 Lebowitz Prize Session with Elliott Sober, 2019 APA Central Division meeting, Denver, Colorado
Elliott Sober: ‘The Scientific Method – Methods that aren’t Subject-Specific’
Nancy Cartwright: ‘The Scientific Method – The Devil is always in the Details’
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11-12 April 2019
Colloquium for Brigitte Falkenburg, Dortmund
Nancy Cartwright: ‘In defence of physics as an instrument’

27 April 2019
The Aristotelian Society, London
Talk title to be confirmed.
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3 May 2019
Jowett Society Lecture Series, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
Talk title to be confirmed.
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6 May 2019
UCL Philosophy Society, London
Talk title to be confirmed.

29 May 2019
SKAPE Keynote Lecture, School of Social & Political Science, University of Edinburgh
Talk title to be confirmed.
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5 June 2019
CEDIL-CfE Lecture , London
Nancy Cartwright: ‘Evidence for Action in New Settings: The importance of middle-level theory’

11 June 2019
CRAASH: The Politics of Economics Seminar Series, University of Cambridge
Talk title: ‘Evidence for Policy Prediction: Intervention-centred or Context-centred?’

14-15 November 2019
Bielefeld University: 50th Anniversary Conference, Bielefeld
Talk title to be confirmed.

20 April 2020
Paper to The Aristotelian Society, London
Title to be confirmed.