Upcoming Activities

14-15 November 2019
Bielefeld University: 50th Anniversary Conference, Bielefeld, Germany
Opening Keynote Lecture: ‘Why Big Theories are Here to Stay’

1-3 December 2019
Annual Lecture in ‘Philosophy and the Sciences’, University of Oslo, Norway
Lecture title to be confirmed

4 December 2019
Joint Event with Michela Massimi, Edinburgh, UK
ERC Consolidator Grant holder: “Perspectival Realism. Science, knowledge and truth from a human vantage point”

5 December 2019
Philosophy Society Talk, St. Andrews, UK
Talk title to be confirmed

15 January 2020
Biomedical Ethics Seminar, UC San Diego, USA
Interdisciplinary workshop on possible trade-offs between epistemic values and use values

17 January 2020
Book Launch: ‘Nature, the Artful Modeler, UC San Diego, USA
A mini-workshop to celebrate Nancy Cartwright’s book, NATURE, THE ARTFUL MODELER

16 April 2020
Lecture and Workshop, University of Siegen, Germany
Research Training Group Lecture and PhD Workshop, ‘Consequences of Social Services Work’

27 April 2020
Paper to The Aristotelian Society, London, UK
Nancy Cartwright: ‘Why Trust Science?’

29 April 2020
Ruth Barcan Marcus Memorial Lecture, Yale, USA
Title to be confirmed.

9 May 2020
Inaugual Kreps Symposium, Stanford, USA
Title to be confirmed.

22-24 October 2020
IVC Conference, University of Vienna, Austria
With Anna Alexandrova: ‘Philosophy and the Social Sciences’.